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            • Creative First Aid Workshops

              21 September - 12 October

              Australian Design Centre has joined forces with?MakeShift?to present online workshops that give creatives practical and playful skills that can be used every day to improve or maintain?your mental health and self care.

            • OBJECT 150

              We're relaunching our?award winning commissioning project Object 150 to support makers through the continued Sydney lockdown.?

              Object 150?is where you pay $150 to have an original, unique, handmade object?created exclusively for you by one of our makers.?

              Our featured makers for September are Gill Brooks and Byrnt Ceramics.?

            • ADC On Tour

              ADC Travelling Exhibitions

              Since the 1970s ADC has toured nationally and been at the forefront of providing regional Australia with access to cutting edge work and ideas. Find out about our travelling exhibition program here.

            • News

              Find out all the latest news, interviews, events and opportunities at ADC.

            • Shop handmade, unique, collectible

              Object Shop?represents the work of over 100 emerging and established makers and designers, both from Sydney and across Australia.?? We stock a curated collection of locally designed and handmade ceramics, jewellery, textiles, glass, homewares, publications? and more. Find gifts ideas either in store or online.


            Stay up to date with all the news from the ADC and world of design, get early invites to events and workshops, and access to exclusive tools and resources.

            • Object Digital

              Australian Design Centre's ideas hub

              Delve into articles, essays, films and interviews covering a huge range of craft and design on Object Digital.?

            • About us

              We are a leading centre for contemporary craft and design in Australia. We play a critical role in building a significant design culture for this country by nurturing a nation of innovative makers and thinkers and inspiring audiences to use design in their lives.

            • Champion Creativity

              ADC enables craftspeople and designers to reach their full potential by presenting exhibitions and programs demonstrating excellence in craft and design and investigating possibilities to transform the future.

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